This is the second attempt of blogging this. Who knew what happened the first go round, but I was determined to get this out…

It’s been a few weeks since my last post and I’ve been meaning to get back to it. I had a few topics in mind, topics that I will get to in due time. Today, however, I want to write about Monday.

Oh, Mondays. Most people dread the bane of its existence. It’s like the underlining joke of the weekend, and just when you feel you’ve completely recovered from the previous week, Monday greets us in song by way of alarm clock. And so begins the routine of bumper to bumper traffic and jobs with all the other disgruntled employees that feel the same way you do.

My Monday? It started as a typical one. Screaming children, thrown toys, and afternoon snack. All the things I love. I made it home in one piece to find Naya and hubs waiting for me. I was ready for a warm bath and a good meal. Once I settled in for the evening, I cozied up next to hubs on the sofa and everything changed.

My phone begin to send me message alerts. A joke here, funny picture there, and then I saw her. Those big beautiful eyes, that infectious smile, that killer fashion sense. I knew her. I loved her. And she was missing.

There are moments in life that take your breath away. This is one of those moments. My regular work tired instantly became pure exhaustion. I felt my entire body go numb. I could feel my energy seep out of me like air being released from a balloon. When the air was released, I was left feeling heavy like I’d been drenched in water. My first question was is this a joke? I searched for answers. I saw the headline. It was not a joke. I needed to do something. Anything. What could I do? I didn’t have an answer. So I cried. I cried for her, for her parents, her brothers and sisters, for her 3 year old son. When I woke up the next morning, I checked to make sure it was just a dream and she was okay. There was no dream and she was not okay.

Browsing her page, I saw such an outpouring of support and love. Hashtag campaigns for prayer and finding her. Links to news stories. We all missed her. We all wanted her home. I posted this to her wall:

There are things in life that we won’t understand. We never know the pain behind someone’s smile. Never know what happens behind closed doors. The important thing is that God sees what we cannot see. There are several lessons that can be learned from this experience. Those who believe that God is able can understand that he has the end result and no matter the outcome God has his hands on her and he’s never left her side. I pray for peace of mind and heart for those of us Who feel The tremendous pain of our missing friend. Although we may not know each other personally, we are still family because she is family.

Life comes at us fast. There are moments in life that will change your life. These changes will happen on any given day of the week. Mondays will always hold special significance to me until she returns.

To B: I miss you and I love you and I have not stopped praying for you. My prayer is that you will be returned to your family, to your son. You are strong, you’re a survivor, and loved by so many. I know GOD is with you even at this very moment. Hold on to him and he will see you through until the end.

Peace & Blessings to all


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