Okay… So when I got home this afternoon, the temperature outside had cooled down drastically. Naturally this means that it is slightly cold in my house because hubs and I don’t usually run the unit when we are not home.
I walk in and give Naya some love- Naya is my cat- and change out of my work clothes and settle In for the evening. As I snuggle on the sofa and watch a little television, I ask hubs if he’s cold because, even though I am used to this sitauation, I am baffled from the temperature in the living room! After a few minutes, I reference the cold room again. This time, I complain. This travesty must be stopped- the over compensating question is- how???? The longer I sit on the couch, the more irritable I become! It just makes no sense to me now cold it is in this room! Did I mention that there is a WORKING gas fire place in the room?

In the hustle and bustle of absolute nothingness, on my part at least, my husband, who is super busy prepping dinner, walks by me and says, “Babe, just turn on the fireplace.” In the sheer brilliance of this suggestion, I still sit faced with the struggle of getting off the sofa. I simply don’t feel like it. Isn’t that shameful? (What’s that saying? Beggars can’t be choosers?)

AND THEN IT COMES TO ME, LIKE AN EPIPHANY!!! The solution to such unfortunate circumstances is FUZZY SOCKS AND A BLANKET!!! I run upstairs for my fuzzy wuzzies and as I slip them on, everything suddenly becomes right with the world and I can focus on more important matters, like reading Dr. Seuss’ I am NOT Going To Get Up Today.

The socks provide me a sense of peace, and the blanket- pure euphoria and then, this occurs to me. There are some people in the world who truly do complicate their own lives. Much of these complications are completely unnecessary, but it is as if some survive off of drama. They feed off of it. They need it for basic living. Ironically, this is not basic living. It amazes how calm my mind became as soon as I slipped the socks on. It was like watching a flower bud blossom into a gorgeous star gazer lily!!! (because those are my favorite!) I love those moments of clarity!

So, I am opting for simpler living, honestly because self-complication is a total waste of time. The concept of life is challenging enough without stressing over cold feet- the physical kind that is.

Well that’s all for now! I’m really excited to read my book! Enjoy your weekend folks!



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